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Before I came to the United States I wore sneakers only to a gym. Actually, I would only wear them AT a gym, because they seemed way too unfeminine and ugly to walk on the streets in. I had to reconsider my fashion choices and hide my stiletto heels when I moved to the U.S. and had kids. I didn’t want to wear Wal-Mart unattractive and cheap sneakers and I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of bucks on just as unattractive brand name ones either. Skechers became an answer to my prayers.
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How to Buy Kids Clothes for Cheap

Sep-19-2009 By Frugal 101

I love kids’ clothes. They are so cute and bright, and every time I go to the store I have to use my will power not to buy the entire rack. I like to find ways to buy kids clothes for cheap, because my kids seem to grow out of them before I get them out of the shopping bags. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to score cute children clothing for unbelievably low prices.
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