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One of my favorite things about online shopping is Cash back sites. All the ones I use are free to join, easy to use, absolutely safe and you don’t have to do any extra effort to get some cash back. All you have to do is click through links to your favorite stores through a cash back site before you shop there. And that’s it. All your purchases will automatically credit to your account and then sent to your PayPal if you have one. If not, some cash back sites will send you a check.

I don’t shop all that much, so when I am making a purchase it is rarely more than $30 (unless we are buying something major). Getting 3-10% back doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up pretty quickly.

There are quite a few cash back sites on the internet, but I usually use three of them. My favorite are Big Crumbs, Ebates and MrRebates. I used to use Upromise, MyPoints and Creation Rewards, but after I discovered the other ones, I stopped shopping through them.

Creation Rewards is a good choice for someone who likes to fill out surveys. I did it for awhile and cashed quite a few checks (small amounts, $5-10), but now due to lack of time I stopped. Their cash back program is OK, but I found much better ones(BigCrumbs, for example)

MyPoints doesn’t give you nearly a much cash back as the other sites, but it also gives you points for reading their e-mail and viewing their partner sites. Last year I didn’t buy anything from my points, but I read enough of their emails to cash two $25 TJ Max cards. For some it is not worth the effort, for others it is a great opportunity to get cash or gift cards. They also do surveys, but in my opinion they are not worth your time, because they don’t pay you much.

Upromise can work well for you if you convince your friends and relatives to join under your account. Technically, when you are shopping through Upromise, you are saving for your child or relative’s child college. But you can withdraw money from their account at any time. You just have to do it in a written form. Upromise was the first cash back site, which I joined. I’ve been a member for almost 4 years and as of right now I have $52 on my account. Most of it I earned during my first year with them before I discovered the other cash back sites.

If you register your credit cards through Upromise and your relatives do the same, you will also earn some cash back while eating at the restaurants, which participate in Upromise program and buying groceries with have Upromise sign. We don’t go out much and the selection of food products with Upromise labels is pretty limited. Our friends were too suspicious to join Upromise, so it is not really working for us.

I didn’t close my account, because it is still nice to get some cents back while doing grocery shopping. If you like to go out to eat and have friends and relatives who are interested in registering their credit cards or pharmacy/store cards under your Upromise account, it may work well for you.

Next time I’ll write about my favorite cash back sites, which are Big Crumbs, Ebates and MrRebates and tell you about my experience with each of them, and their prons and cons.

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  1. Monica T. Said,

    I had the same problem with Mypoints. Nobody wanted to join it, so I ended up dropping it and withdrawing my $15.

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