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Last time I reviewed Upromise, MyPoints and Creation Rewards – cash back sites that I used quite frequently in the past. I still occasionally use them, but there are a few others which I like more. There are BigCrumbs, Ebates and MrRebates.

I don’t have a favorite, because they all have pros and cons, and I use them all equally. Before making a purchase, I usually check all three of them to see which one offers me the highest percent of my money back.

For example, for shopping at Old Navy BigCrumbs offers me 3.6% back; Mr.Rebates – 4% and Ebates 3%. In this case I would go with Mr.Rebates.

If I want to shop for shoes or bags at, it is better to go through BigCrumbs, because they offer 15.3% of your cash back, when both Ebates and Mr.Rebates offer 10%.

When it comes to payments, BigCrumbs is the best. They pay you monthly regardless of how little money you have. However, you need to have a Paypal account. If you don’t have one, it is about time to get it. It is free and very convenient.

Mr. Rebates has a minimum payout of $10. I was incredibly frustrated one time when I had $9.89 on my account and couldn’t cash it.

After you reached $10, you may request money from them (with a couple of clicks) and they will either send you a check or credit your Paypal account. You have to wait for about a month to get your money after you sent a requestv.

Ebates pays you four times a year, regardless of how much you have earned. You may request a check, a Paypal deposit or can even forward your earnings to your family member or a charity.

What I love the most about cash back sites is that they are 100% free. They all have referral programs, so if you invite your friends to join (it can be done easily via e-mail) you will earn money faster.

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