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How to Save Money on Vacation

Jan-5-2018 By Frugal 101

While the most frugal way to save money on vacation is to stay home, it is not always the best way. Everyone needs to get away from work, stress and troubles and have some fun. Here are some tips how to save money on vacation.

1. Wherever you are going, bring your own snacks and even some food if possible. There is no need to spend $2 on a small bag of chips or an unhealthy chocolate bar, when you can bring all these (bought in advance for a normal price) with you. Food from airport food stands or hotel vending machines is way overpriced and often very unhealthy.
The best things to bring along on your vacation are:

–    Drinks (water, juices)
–    Fruits which last long (in case you will not have a refrigerator): apples, pears, bananas, dried fruits.
–    Vegetable chips, crackers or hard bagels
–    Chocolate
–    Raw vegetables (green and red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery)
–    Muffins (you can make your own muffins or buy some at the store). Muffins are very filling and are great for fast breakfast.

2. If you love coffee and are staying somewhere where coffee maker is not available, consider bringing your own coffee maker, or if it is too big, buying a small 4 cup one. This small tip can save you a lot of money, because you may end up paying $2 per cup of coffee at Starbucks or at some overprices coffee stand in the amusement park.

3. If you want to save money on vacation, consider renting a condo or a house instead of a hotel. It will be cheaper, plus you will be able to save money by cooking instead of eating out.

to be continued…

How to Save Money on Vacation Part 2

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