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Many people mistakenly think that living debt free is not possible in today’s world. However, this is not true.

Well, if you consider a mortgage a debt, it might be quite hard to eliminate it completely. It is possible to do so if you live with your parents for a decade while trying to save money to buy yourself a home, but it is not really acceptable in the American individualistic culture. But other than your mortgage, it is not only possible to live debt free, but relatively easy.

The biggest problem that most Americans have is lack of self-discipline. The media want us to believe that by buying things we will make our life colorful and joyful. We buy fancy cars in order to be “hip” and “cool”; we buy a huge house, because we want to show the world that you are doing better than our classmates, we buy 50 pairs of shoes just because you like them and we go out to eat, because it is fun and relaxing and you just don’t feel like cooking.

These things can make us happy for a short period of time (kind of like drugs), but in the long run they lead us to stress, depression and self-destruction. According to the statistics more that 50% of marriages fail due to financial problems. The financial pressure of trying to pay bills is killing marriages all over the United States. And do you know what women do to release their stress? They create more debt. They go shopping.

Shopping is an important part of the American culture. The word shopping as a verb or a noun doesn’t even exist in many languages. For example, in Russia where people use mostly cash to pay for everything and are debt free, there is no such word.

Our consumerism mentality makes us want to buy more and stuff, and credit cards are kindly allowing us to spend money which we don’t even have.

Consumerism is dangerous and if we want to live debt-free we have to realize this and change our attitude and state of mind. If we do, clearing our debt will be much easier and definitely possible.

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  1. cJean Said,

    I’m not quite sure how not to live debt free. I’m currently buying a home and is the only outstanding debt that I have. Being frugal also entails being less stressed about everyday life but I live within my means and am able to put enough aside that anything unforeseeable that happens in the future can be handled as i am in control. Live on and free yourself from debt which is just another way of holding you down…

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