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Frugal Romantic Date Ideas Part 2

Oct-5-2017 By Frugal 101

Frugal Romantic Date Ideas Part 1

4.    One of the neatest and the most romantic things to do together is to prepare a meal. You will not only save money by not going out, but create an unforgettable experience. Especially if both of you don’t know how to cook. Learning together is so much fun. Besides, it is not the outcome that matters, but the quality of time spent together.

5.    Another frugal romantic date idea is to visit a museum and local exhibits. Many of them are free; the non-free ones are not expensive to visit (unless of course it is Madame Tussauds). If you always thought museums were extremely boring, give them another shot. Many people don’t like museums, because they just come, look at things and don’t understand them. Don’t do this. Try to understand the history when walking around a museum. Do your search and read about the museum before going there. You may do it together, or you might do it yourself and then impress your partner with your deep knowledge of art and history.

6.    Go out to eat for…breakfast. Going out to a restaurant once in awhile is good change of scenery. However, going out for dinner might be an expensive romantic date idea. Try breakfast instead. If you don’t live with your partner, meet him/her at a restaurant. It is so nice to start the day with someone you love. If you are married and living together, change your routine of sipping your morning coffee half-awake in the kitchen. Wake up earlier and go out to a coffee shop or a restaurant. Let someone else make you coffee and breakfast.

7.    Prepare a meal (together) and if the weather allows, grab some paper plates and take it to the park. Skip the wine though. If you don’t feel like driving, set up a picnic in your backyard if you have one. Wine is allowed and your neighbors will be jealous.

Remember that spending time together is not about how much time you spend together; it’s what you do with the time you do spend together.

I wish you endless love and I hope you have fun on your romantic date!

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  1. Jane Said,

    Visiting museum is a great idea for romantic date. I used to go to museums with my boyfriend almost every week. That was tough time for us when we didn’t have jobs. It’s absolutely true that most of the museums offer free admission. They offer it, we use it!

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