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I have been in a very romantic mood lately, so I decided to search the web for tips how to be romantic on a budget. It is amazing how much information you can find just buy using Google. Even though many tips were kind of corny, there were plenty of fresh and original ideas that anyone can implement into their romantic life.

1.    Write your loved one a love note or a love letter. Put it under their pillow or sneak it into her/his purse/wallet or into a pocket.

2.    Buy a fish together. Having a pet bonds people greatly. A fish is probably the cheapest pet to get and to take care of.

3.    Post an ad to your loved one in the newspaper.

4.    Prepare a meal together. If one (or even both) of you don’t know how to cook, it will be a fun learning experience (assuming that neither of you are control freaks and will not let the other one close to the kitchen).

5.    Write down all the things you love about your partner and send them in an e-mail. This is one of the easiest ways to be romantic on a budget.

6.    Make “love coupons”. These are really up to your imagination. You can include coupons like “passionate kiss”, a “favorite meal”, a “breakfast out”, or a “massage” and so on. If you have kids you can have something like “give kids a bath” or “change diapers the entire day”. Be creative.:-)

7.    Do something that your significant other hates to do. Go grocery shopping for him/her, offer to vacuum, wash dishes. You don’t have to be living together to apply these.

8.    Send a nice love e-card when they are at work. It is free, takes you less than 3 minutes, but it might make your loved one’s day, or week.

9.    Plant a seed together (you may do it instead of buying a fish). It will help you bond.:-)

10.    If you are a guy, buy her a piece of clothing. Buy something inexpensive but classy. Visit stores like Ross or Marshals for designer clothing for cheap. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit. The thought counts, not the item. You can go back to the store and exchange it together. If you want to be safe, buy her a scarf or a piece of jewelry.

11.    Rent a movie your partner (not necessarily you) will enjoy and watch it together.

12.    Say “I love you”, but do it in the way that he/she will see that you actually mean it. Hold their hand; look in their eyes and so on…
to be continued…

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