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37 Ways to be Romantic on a Budget Part 1:1-12 HERE

13.    Declare your love publicly. It doesn’t hurt to praise your partner in front of your friends.

14.    Take a nap together (this one is my favorite).

15.    Go out on a date. HERE is my post how to do it cheap.

16.    Make a calendar together with photos and captions.

17.    Go to the mall together and buy something for each other. Set a limit of $5 for example and see how well you can do. I understand that since you are reading this, you want to be romantic on a budget. Don’t think of it as a waste of money. Just imagine all the fun you can have. (If you hate shopping, skip this one)

18.    Research your genealogy together. If you have kids, they will enjoy it when they get older. I think it is a fun thing to do together – you will not only create memories but hopefully find our about each other’s ancestors.

19.    Paint each other’s portraits. If you are afraid your paining will suck, make your own portrait and then laugh at it together.

20.    Do some psychological tests for couples. It is a good way to learn more about each other.

21.    Teach each other a new craft or skill.

22.    Get pizza delivered to your loved one’s house (if you live together, leave the house prior to that and make sure to pay for it too) with a note attached. Ask him/her to come to a certain place (park, river) with the pizza. Have a picnic set up when he/she hopefully arrives. Make sure you pay for pizza.

23.    Don’t forget to check out the local newspaper for free events in your area.

24.    If the weather allows, watch the stars. Get a star map and try to find stars in the sky.

to be continued…

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