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37 Ways to Be Romantic on a Budget. Part 1:1-12 HERE

37 Ways to Be Romantic on a Budget. Part 2:13-24 HERE

25. Put a puzzle together. Have some snacks and wine while doing it.

26. Try playing board games. If you have never learned how to play chess, this might be the time.

27. Drive somewhere where you can lay on the grass and watch the clouds. Be kids again. Look for shapes in the clouds and have fun with it.

28. Write a poem and read it to your partner. If you are not too much of a writer, memorize a poem, or a Shakespeare sonnet and read it to her/him. Don’t freak your loved one out by reciting a poem while he/she is trying to empty the garbage can or cut onions. Be sensitive and find the right cuddly moment to do this.

29. If your partner/husband has to stay work late, surprise him/her by bringing a meal to work.

30. Buy something that your loved one wanted when he/she was a kid, but never had. Unless it is a real race car, it shouldn’t be difficult to complete. Children were not as spoiled in the old days as they are now.

31. If you have kids, arrange babysitting without letting your partner know. It is up to your creativity what you want to do while the kids are gone. ;-)

32. Take an unexpected day off from work just to be with your partner (assuming that they don’t have to work themselves).

33. Ask your partner if there is something he/she always wanted to do, but never did. If it is something reasonable like a hot air balloon ride, or NYC fashion show, promise that you will eventually make it happen. AND MEAN IT.

34. Get a box of chocolates, write a note and put it inside. Try not to damage the box.

35. Be a wild romantic on a budget. Go outside when it rains. Forget umbrellas, raincoats and make-up. Warning: stay home if there is thunder and lightning.

36. Whether you live together or not, wake up early (or don’t go to bed at all) and go watch the sunrise.

37. Organize a professional photo session together.

Don’t think that you should be romantic only on Valentine’s Day. If you want to make your relationship last and to make your partner happy, don’t forget to regularly spice up your love life. Being romantic on a budget is fun. The best things in life are free.

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