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Save Money by Making Things Last Longer Part I: Clothes, Jeans, Knitwear, Carpet
Last time I wrote about how to save money by making your clothes (general, jeans, knitwear) last longer and how to protect your carpet. Today I’ll write about how to make nail polish, lipstick, food and mattress last longer.

5.    Nail Polish. Keep you nail polish in the refrigerator and it will not dry out for a very long time.

To make nail polish last longer on your nails, make sure you remove all old nail polish from your nails before applying the new one. Apply base coat. It will not only increase the lifespan of your manicure, but will protect your nails from getting yellow. Especially if you are using bright red or brown colors. Put a least two coats and make sure each coat dries before you out another one. Top with a clear top coat.

Avoid doing ANY housework (just kidding)

6.    Lipstick. Some women simply use long-wear lipstick, but I don’t like them because they usually make my lips dry. Instead, I put a coat of a regular lipstick, then blot it with a tissue and then put apply another coat (or lipgloss). The first coat seals the color to my lips; the second makes it look fresh and bright. You can also try applying a lip liner as your first coat.

7.    Food. Make your food last longer and significantly lower your grocery bills. Americans waste so much food that it should be illegal.

Don’t mix fruits and vegetables in a drawer. Fruits give off ethylene, which will make your vegetables go bad.

Freeze or refrigerate all baked goodies.

Don’t refrigerate citrus fruits, potatoes or squash – it is bad for these products to be cold.

Keep grains in the freezer. If you don’t, put a couple of bay lives in the containers. It will protect them from bugs.

Refrigerate bananas after they ripen.

Don’t throw away leftovers. If you are too spoiled to eat the same meal two days in a row, freeze it.

8.    Mattress. Save money by taking a good care of your mattress. Always use a mattress pad and don’t forget to flip your mattress once in a while (at least once a month); or at least rotate it. Mattresses are expensive these days, so this small tip may save you tons on money.

To be continued…

Save Money by Making Things Last Longer part III: Cell-Phone Battery, Ink Cartridge and Sponge.

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  1. Alice Said,

    I always refrigerated lemons and potates, so they would last me longer. Didn’t know it was bad for them.

    I also had no idea putting nail polish to the refrigetor helps it last longer. Have to try it.

  2. Krystal Said,

    Good tips! Some of them I never followed myself.

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