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12.    Laptop. Always hold your laptop by the bottom with two hands. Never hold it by the screen.

Do not store it in very cold or very hot temperatures. Do not place it close to any electrical appliances, because it generates magnetic field. Do not touch the screen with your fingers. While it is obvious to most people, to some this is not. Clean the screen with a lint-free cloth when necessary.

Always use laptop on hard surface. Having it on your lap all the time will cause overheating, which is harmful for your computer.

13.    Shoes. You may save money by not buying 15 pairs of shoes for every season, but I personally don’t like this idea. I buy my shoes pretty cheap (I wrote a couple of post about my favorite places to get shoes: HERE and HERE) and I like to have a variety. Having many shoes sometimes makes me forget that I need to treat them properly. However, there are a few pairs that I absolutely love and cherish.

If you wore leather shoes on a rainy day, make sure they are completely dry when you are planning to wear them again. Wet leather shoes will fall apart very quickly.

If your shoes smell bad, sprinkle baking soda inside to remove the smell.

Never put your shoes in a washing machine. They will be destroyed very quickly.

Store your shoes properly. Don’t put them in hot trunk or in plastic bags. They need to “breathe”, so put them in a cool dry place.

Polish your leather shoes regularly.

Untie your shoes every time you take them off. This will help to maintain its shape.

14.    Fragrances. The longer your perfume lasts when you wear it, the less you have to use it. To make sure your fragrances last you longer, apply them to your pulse points and lightly spray your hair.

You may also run the Vaseline on points where you will be applying the perfume. The Vaseline will moisture the skin, which will hold the perfume longer.

15.    Cut flowers. Before putting flowers in a vase, cut the stems. Hold them under water and cut them diagonally with a very sharp knife. Don’t use scissors, because they will crush the stem. Always put them in lukewarm water unless they are spring flowers, which will live longer in ice-cold water. Keep your flowers away from heat and direct sunlight. Replace the water as needed and remove the dying flowers immediately.

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