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16.    Rechargeable Batteries. Rechargeable batteries last longer if you charge them often, despite what you heard before. If you don’t use them, take them out and store them in a cool dry place. Refrigerator is actually our best choice. Just make sure they are not exposed to any moisture.

17.    Tan. To make your tan last longer, keep away from saunas and hot baths. Reduce excess sweating and don’t shower 3 times a day. Apply moisturizer on your skin every time after tanning to make your skin softer and to make your tan last longer.

18.    Paint Brushes. They are reusable, so take a good care of them and avoid unnecessary spending in the future.

Wipe off any excess paint using a cloth or a paper towel. If you are using a water-based paint, clean your brush with soapy water and then, give them a second rinse in paint thinner.

Don’t use hot water – use lukewarm instead. Air dry your brush. Make sure it is not misshapen when drying. It is better to stand it on the back of the handle.

19.    Panties and Bras. Even though panties are usually cheap, bras can get quite expensive, so you can save a lot of money by taking a proper care of them.

Hand wash your bras and panties, or at least wash them in a laundry bag. Clasp the bras before washing them.

Use cold water and gentle cycle if you are using your washing machine. Don’t use the dryer. High heat will destroy the elastic and nylon fabrics. It may also make the under wires come out of your bras. Let your bras and panties air dry. There should be a place in the house to do that.

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