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Save Money by Making Things Last Longer Part I: Clothes, Jeans, Knitwear, Carpet

20    Socks. Unless you live in the South, you probably use socks a lot, so you can save a decent amount of money by taking a good care of them. To make sure your socks last you longer, always buy them in buy a right size, because if they are too big, they will bunch up and wear quicker. If they are too small, they may tear.

Turn your socks inside out when you wash them. They will not only last you longer, but will remove all the dirt, sweat and dry skin, which comes from your feet.

Keep your socks in pairs. It increases the chances of you not loosing them.

Wash them in cold water and air dry them. By doing this you will also save money on electricity.

21 Soap. To make your bar soap last longer, leave it in a dry place for a week or so before using. This will make soap harder and it will last you longer. Always remember to keep you bar soap in a soap container, which allows for drainage.

Limit the amount of soap you are wasting by using a washcloth or a shower sponge.

22 Hair color. If you or your spouse is coloring their hair, especially if you go to a hairdresser, you know how expensive it could get. Save money by making your hair color last longer – you will also save time and save some on gas.

First of all, try to change your color to either 3 shades darker or 3 shades lighter than your natural one. This way your roots will take longer to show. If you are a dark brunette and bleached your hair white, there is not much you can do but color your roots at least every two weeks. (if you want your hair to look good that is).

Secondly, apply a deep conditioner a few days before coloring your hair. The better conditioned your hair is, the longer the color will last.

After you colored your hair, try to avoid the sun exposure. Wash it in cold or lukewarm water, because hot water will remove color from your hair. Stay away from swimming pools, because chlorine will discolor your hair really quickly.

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