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Save Money by Making Things Last Longer Part I: Clothes, Jeans, Knitwear, Carpet
23 Temporary tattoo. To make your temporary tattoo last longer, try not to wash the area where it was applied (I am sure you figured this one out by yourself). After it is applied, put some baby powder on the tattoo. This will help to absorb your body’s natural oils. Some people say that using a hairspray on it before the powder works even better.

24 Kids clothing. To make kids clothing last longer, buy them clothes in a bigger size. You can easily roll up sleeves on tops, sweatshirts or coats if they are too long.

Wash kids clothes less often. Unless they play in a mud, there is usually no need to wash jeans, shirts or sweaters every day. When you wash your kids clothing, always wash them in cold water and air dry them. You will save money by buying less clothes and also save money on electricity.

Dress your kids accordingly. Duh-you may say, but I have seen so many moms in park with their kids wearing white or light pink pretty clothing (both mom and kids).

Buy smart. If you have girls and boys, try to buy unisex clothing whenever possible.

Learn how to sew (OK, I am being a hypocrite, because I have two left hands and don’t know how). Kids will tear their clothing. Instead of throwing it away, sew it. We are lucky to have a very dear neighbor who does this for us. If we didn’t, I probably would have learnt.

25    Snowman.
I know that this will not save you money, so I am just being silly. But I think that making a snowman last longer will make your kid happier. Isn’t this more important than money?

You may build a miniature snowman and then put it in your freezer. It may last you forever.

If you are incapable of making a tiny snowman or if your freezer is too full with goodies, try to make a big snowman (the larger the better) and build it somewhere in a shady spot.

Add some cold water to the snow while building your snowman and then when you are done, protect it with a layer of ice by pouring water all over your creation.

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