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Save Money by Making Things Last Longer part II: Nail Polish, Lipstick, Food Mattress

26    Christmas Tree. The cheapest way to go when buying a Christmas tree is buying artificial one with pre-lit lights, which will last you for years. However, in my opinion artificial tree will never replace the smell of a freshly cut evergreen. This smell brings me so many memories and makes my holiday season extra special.

If you are like us and prefer to keep your Christmas tree as long as possible, you need to take a proper care of it.

When you bring your tree home, make a straight cut across the base of its trunk. Your tree will need lots of water to stay fresh longer and this little trick will help it to absorb more water. A Christmas tree can absorb a gallon of water a day, so make sure it doesn’t get thirsty. You may put an aspirin tablet into the water to help your tree last longer.

Don’t put your tree near appliances which produce heat – such as TV or fireplace. It is not only very dangerous, but it will dry up the tree and it will die sooner.

27    Shampoo. Save money by not wasting too much shampoo. We buy organic shampoo, which can get expensive, so we make sure we use it carefully.

When you use a half a bottle of your shampoo, fill out the rest with water, put a cap back on and shake the bottle. It will bubble, but don’t worry – this will go away. And trust me – the shampoo will still have plenty of power to make your hair crispy clean.

Use only a small amount of shampoo. Most people use way too much shampoo (the same goes to toothpaste) I think the commercials are here to blame.

Wash your hair every other day, or even less frequently if you can. Washing it everyday is not good for your hair and for your wallet. If you roots look oily, sprinkle some baby powder on them and rub it in. This will absorb the oil.

28    Money. If you want to make your money last longer, read all my posts on Save Money by Making Things Last Longer and you should be fine. :-)

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