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People often associate saving money with having to suffer and sacrifice. Power of saving money often lies in learning how to save on small things and make this a habit. I learned that we save a lot of money by simply making some ordinary things last longer.

1.    Clothes. Wash your clothes less frequently. I am not talking about your undershirts, socks or underwear, but unless you play in dirt, washing jeans or sweaters every day is not necessary. I noticed that many people wash their clothing just because they are too lazy to rehang them.

Wash clothes in cold water. Heat destroys the fabric. Washing stuff in cold water will do job just as well. You will not only save money by buying fewer clothes, but reduce your energy bills.

Don’t fold clothes that need to be hung and don’t hang clothes which need to be folded. Don’t use dryer too often- line dry your clothes instead. Zip up hoodies and jeans, because if you don’t do this, the zippers may chew up the rest of your clothing.

2.    Jeans. Wash your jeans in cold water on gentle and short cycles. Turn them inside out before putting them to the washing machine. This will protect their color and fabric and will clean them just as well. Let them air-dry until they are a little damp and then put them in the dryer to soften them up a little.

3.    Knitwear. Don’t wash your knitwear with any clothing which may snag them (clothes with Velcro, with buttons, rhinestones, zippers etc.) Air dry all your knitwear, because if you don’t good chances are they will shrink.

If you have pets, don’t forget to cut their claws, or don’t snuggle with them when wearing a beautiful knit sweater.

4.    Carpet. Carpets are pretty expensive these days, so you can save tons of money by keeping your current carpet in a decent shape.

Don’t wear shoes inside your house. In many cultures people never wear shoes in the house (only slippers). I can’t understand why Americans still do it. Why would you want to bring the outside dirt to your (or to anyone else’s) home? It is not this hard to take shoes off and you will give your feet a break.

We always ask our guests to take shoes off when they come to our house, and we even out a sign “please remove your shoes”. This is not an easy thing to do, especially when the guests look at you as if you asked them to remove their underwear and when you have to remind them to do this every single time they come. But I figured it is important not only to make our carpet last longer, but to avoid having unnecessary germs. My kids play on the floor all the time, so I want to be sure it is as clean as possible.

It is better to walk on the carper in sleepers or socks rather than barefoot, because oils present in the skin stick to carpet and attract dirt.

Try to vacuum once a week or so. Vacuuming often will help remove damaging dirt from the fibers.

To be continued…

Save Money by Making Things Last Longer Part II: Nail Polish, Lipstick, Food Matress

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