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If you read my blog you know that I am an Internet junkie, who does everything, including her shopping, online. I love shopping online so much, because it saves my nerves (I don’t have to chase my kids down the isles), time (can visit multiple stores within minutes), gas (a big plus these days) and, most importantly, money.

I have always been “a little” obsessed when it comes to finding best deals and I have never pulled a trigger to buy anything until I knew I was getting the slickest deal possible. However, with online stores mushrooming and spreading as quickly as the flu, this task was getting pretty overwhelming. If you are a bargain hunter like me you know how annoying having 28 browsers with different stores open at the same time could be.

Recently I found a site which returned the fun and the pleasure of online shopping back to me. I found Twenga!

If you don’t know what Twenga is, you should definitely read my post and then bookmark these guys as soon as possible. If you are as thrifty as me, but hate wasting time hunting for the best possible deals, I guarantee you’ll use Twenga a lot and love it.

Twenga is a search engine shopping tool, whose primary purpose is to gather information about all products on the web and compare prices. It is very convenient and easy to use.

For example, if you decided that you need a new knockoff bikini for the summer, go to Twenga, type “bikini” in the search box and click “OK”.

You will see a huge list of all bikinis available with their pictures, prices, shipping and the stores which sell it. You can narrow your search by brands, price range and even price drops. Needless to say, I always sort everything by price (low to high) and usually specify that I am looking for something under $10 or $20.

If you are looking to freshen up your summer wardrobe a bit and want to find a sundress and a pair (or three) of cute sandals to go with it, you can easily get yourself all set for under $30 and you will not have to spend countless hours looking for the best prices.

If there is something that you like, but the price bites, you may create a so-called Twenga Alert, so Twenga will e-mail you every time the item drops its price. So if a pair of True Religion jeans for $258 is not quite in your budget, set an alert and Twenga will e-mail you if their price drops. Pretty cool feature, if you ask me.

What I love the most about Twenga is that it compares products and prices not only from giant retailers, but from small stores as well. Many shopping search engines and many shoppers neglect small stores, which is a mistake because you often can find really neat and cheap stuff there, especially when it comes to fashion.

You can also use Twenga to find the best prices on major home appliances and furniture, but I like to leave these decisions to my husband. I have plenty of things, such as shoes, clothing and kids toys, to worry about. ;-)

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  1. Jessica White Said,

    I never heard of it, have to check it out. Thanx.

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