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More Painless Ways to Save Money

Jul-5-2017 By Frugal 101

Whether you were forced to cut your spending by the unfortunate circumstances or decided that spending less is a good new year resolution, these tips will help you reach your goal. Here are some PAINLESS ways to save money:

1.    Before going to the mall, make a list and stick to it. Yes, it is very hard to pass stored with 75% off signs on it, but if you budget is limited, you HAVE to do it. You know you don’t need 34th pair of shoes, even if they look like they were made for you. You also know you don’t need another TV, even after seeing the sale sign you thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy one for your kitchen.

The only exception should be buying things which you KNOW you are going to NEED. For example, buying a deeply discounted winter jacket for your kid for next year is a smart investment. Keep a list of items you need or will need within a year and stick to it. I started doing it after I ended up with 3 spring jackets of the same size for my son. I was buying them, because I kept forgetting that I already had them in the closet.

2.    If you are a bookworm like me, stop spending tons of money on food and start going to the public library. Most people don’t even check their local library for book availability before making a purchase.

Same applies to magazine, newspaper and even movie lovers. Public libraries have free and easy access to thousands of popular titles, so don’t be lazy and check it out.

3.    Use online coupons. Just like with libraries, many people don’t even bother with coupons and they are not even sure why. Yes, it requires a little bit of extra work, but as soon as you get a hang of it, it will become very easy. You may even get addicted to it (like I did :)). Before you go to the store, go online, type the item of your shopping list (Horizon Organic milk, for example) in the search engine (I find Google to be the best) + the word “coupon” and click “Enter”. Do it with all of your items. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize how much you can save on just one grocery trip.

Saving money should not make your life miserable. Implementing a few simple habits is not going to take an ugly bite out of your lifestyle, but it will make a significant difference in your budget.

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