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What to Buy for the Man Who Has Everything

Jun-20-2017 By Frugal 101

Probably every one of us have a friend or an acquaintance from “the man who has everything” category. Getting a gift for such a person could be a real pain. I remember how stuck I felt when our millionaire – acquaintance invited us for his housewarming party. What in the world are you supposed to give to a guy who drives a Lexus and just bought a five-million dollar home? Certainly not a $25 gift-card from Wal-Mart.

I spent a couple of hours searching the internet what to buy for a man who has everything. Here are my best finds: :-)

1.    Buy a donkey, chicken or a goat. Before you close this page, let me explain. There are a number of organizations, who help you buy an animal for its actual cost and donate it to needy people in poor countries. You can get a goat for its real cost, which is around $20, a chicken for $5, or even a camel for around $200. Donate it under your man-who-has-everything’s name and give him a card proving that. He might have donated thousands of dollars to charity, but maybe never thought of getting someone a goat. If he did… Well, at least someone will benefit from your gift.
There are a bunch of organizations which do that, such as International Humanity Foundation (your best choice if you are on a budget, because you can buy animals pretty cheap) or the Maasai Association.

2.    Find out what “the man who has everything” likes and go from there. If he is into football, find a piece of football-related vintage memorabilia on eBay, or something humorous – something that he wouldn’t have time to look for. Or, find something that was popular when he was a child and get it for him. It may be anything from GI Joe to parachute pants or an ABBA CD. At least he will get a kick out of it.

3.    Prepare an ethnic desert, an appetizer or even a meal. If the guy has Ukrainian in his blood, find a Ukrainian recipe, make something and bring it to him. Just make sure he doesn’t have a Ukrainian cook, or food allergies. Or make him something from your culture.

4.    If you don’t have 2 left hands and have an artistic talent, make something yourself, whether it is a painting or a handmade tablecloth. There is a chance that your painting will never be hung on the wall, but nevertheless, such gift will be much more appreciated than a pair of Calvin Klein socks from Ross.

Or you can always just find an excuse (like I used to do), stay at home and not worry about the gift. (Assuming that the man who has everything is not your spouse or Dad)

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  1. Lana D Said,

    Also, a subscribtion for quality microbrewed beer is a very original gift

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