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A garage or a yard sale can be a disaster unless you know how to prepare for it and what to expect. If you follow these yard sale tips, it will be smooth and painless. At least I hope so.

1.    Plan ahead. There is nothing worse than loosing a buyer because you ran out of change; or because you forgot to ask your significant other how much he/she wanted for the radio.

2.    Advertise your yard sale in a local newspaper, put some ads on bulletin boards in your church, or a grocery store. Put signs in your neighborhood directing to your house. You can save money and use paper grocery bags for signs. Make sure you use a thick marker (not light blue barely invisible pen) when making your sign.

3.    Price everything. Prepare signs in advance, such as: “Books – 50 cents each”, “Bicycle – $25” and so on. It will save you time and energy during your yard sale. Also, don’t try to be cool and price stuff $9.99 or $4.99. Unless, of course, you really want to get rid of a huge collection of pennies, but even then you will waste time and energy.

4.    Make sure you have enough grocery bags, especially if you are selling a bunch of smaller items.

5.    Talk your friends or neighbors into doing a yard sale with you. More stuff (even if it is mostly crap) draws more traffic. You can also split advertising costs with them.

6.    Consider playing background music. Make sure it is something light, pleasant and universal. Many fashion stores use this trick to bring customers into better (read: more willing to spend money) mood. I noticed that people in this culture find silence awkward.

7.    Have a calculator handy. Even if you were a Math major in college, good chances are that your brain might get overwhelmed and tired. Calculator is much more reliable than brain.

8.    One of the best yard sale tips I heard was: Have plenty of room to move around. This is why yard sales are usually much more successful than garage ones.

9.    If you are selling battery-operated things, make sure you have batteries handy to test things in front of your customers. It doesn’t mean that you have to give them the batteries, but no one in their right mind will buy a piece of electronics without testing it first.

10.    Clean up your items before selling; get rid of all bookmarks or receipts in books and if you are selling clothing, check all pockets to make sure you are not selling a coat with a$20 bill in the pocket for $10.

11.    Treat customers nicely (even if they annoy you to no end). Greet them, smile and try do it naturally. Always be polite.

If you have any other yard sale tips, which made you survive a yard or a garage sale, don’t be greedy. Share them with us.;-)

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  1. Tashia Said,

    Great Tips! I would also add… Start Early in preparing for your sale, like 2-4 weeks early, depending on how much stuff you have. I usually have a lot of stuff and give myself 4 weeks to prepare, then I can space out my tasks and am not totally stressed out by the day of the sale!
    You can find free garage sale printables including garage sale pricing sticker templates at my blog:

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